About Us

Nazar Properties is committed to providing high-quality affordable housing to clients all around the world. This missions started with one single family home in Powder Springs, Georgia over 16 years ago and over the years has blossomed into a multi-national vision with several hundred properties spanning across North America. Each family that we place in a home has a unique story and it’s our hope to become a part of that story and the lives that it touches. After all, a home encapsulates so much more than four walls and a roof. It holds the memories that children have growing up all sitting around the kitchen table with family and friends. The happy times as well as the sad are usually indexed in our minds by where they took place and many times, that place is a home. That being said, here at Nazar Properties, we strive to help place our clients in homes… Not houses or apartment units. Please give us a call and give us the opportunity to help you and your family locate your next home. I’m sure that our dedicated team of professionals can help.